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Liu Jianhui, Secretary of the Party committee of Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City, led a team to visit enterprises and have a heart to heart talk

On February 26, just after the Spring Festival holiday, all members of the party and government leading group of Guzhen Town of Zhongshan went to the factories and enterprises and agricultural professional households in the town to carry out the Spring Festival research, listen to the development status of enterprises, and encourage everyone to work hard to achieve new breakthroughs. We went to investigate the current situation of the enterprises of Baijia Plaza, gaoqie Plaza, and the development of the company. In baijiabaite, Liu Jianhui, Secretary of the town Party committee, and Lin Shaojie, deputy secretary of the town Party committee, visited the newly developed intelligent robot products of the enterprise. Liu Jianhui said that the transformation and upgrading of Baijia Baite are obvious. In the future, we should seize the opportunity, refine our products and actively develop into intelligent products. He pointed out that many enterprises get rid of the single traditional development mode, change their development ideas, and strive to implement transformation and upgrading, so as to prepare for a new round of development of enterprises. How to make traditional enterprises radiate new vitality, intelligent gives a new answer, "intelligent manufacturing" makes traditional enterprises glow with new vitality. This year, Zhongshan Guzhen Town will focus on a series of key construction projects and important rectification work based on the idea of "large-scale construction, large rectification and great leap forward", comprehensively plan and promote the work of the whole year, and realize leapfrog progress. At the same time, our town will continue to further promote the construction of characteristic towns, and comprehensively improve the transformation and upgrading of lighting industry. In the future, it will optimize the living environment and build high-quality residential areas. In view of the educational problems of the common people, Zhongshan Guzhen Town will also vigorously introduce high-quality resources and constantly optimize the education environment. With the blessing of the new year, Kuang Zhi, deputy secretary of the town Party committee and mayor, and Su Yushan, deputy secretary of the town Party committee, went to Qilang lighting, Tiansheng high tech, OPU lighting, Hongli electric wire, arumini lighting, Haibo Minggui farm and other places for the Spring Festival visit and condolence, so as to understand the situation of enterprises' resumption of work, production and operation and project development after the Spring Festival. After understanding the situation of enterprises' resumption of production and project implementation, Kuang Zhi pointed out that enterprises should plan the production and project development of this year, so as to lay a solid foundation for the economic development and project promotion of Guzhen Town in Zhongshan this year. Zhongshan Guzhen Town will strengthen the coordination and service of key enterprises in its jurisdiction, strengthen the docking of policies, information and services with enterprises and project owners, and effectively solve the problems in the development of enterprises. Yuan Songhua, chairman of the town people's Congress, visited Xingguang alliance, Lvyuan flower and tree farm in ancient town of Zhongshan City, Wanglai technology, Huayu lighting, Huaxing Plastic machinery, etc. Yuan Songhua said that when developing traditional industries, enterprises should explore innovative methods and seek development from innovation. The government will give enterprises strong support to create a good business environment. Enterprises should cultivate successors and carry forward the enterprises.
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